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Software Development

Software Porting and Migration
Recent software development projects have involved porting software from legacy systems to more modern platforms. Typical projects also include writing device drivers and protocol format conversion. We have completed custom software projects for clients in Canada, the US and further afield. We also provide strategic consulting on software development.

UNIX and Open-Source
With over 20 years of programming experience, we are called on for specialized or niche software projects. Our software development expertise is mainly in UNIX and open-source. Primary in-house programming languages are Perl, C/C++ and Assembler.

Selected Projects
  • The client had developed proprietary avionics software on a Windows platform. Regulatory and reliability requirements required them adapt the softare to run on Linux. We ported the software from Windows to Linux, allowing the client to streamline their licensing process, expand their target market and improve aspects of the software in the process.
  • The client, a multinational market research organization, was running legacy software to analyze research results. The software was very slow and difficult to customize for a given job. We ported the software from Windows to a mixed Windows/Linux environment. Jobs that had previously taken up to 10 days to process were now completed within 4 to 5 hours.
  • Our client, a satellite TV provider, had developed a satellite TV head-end. Because of a planning glitch, the components used different electrical and logical interfaces. We built a system that communicated with each component in the language it understood, translated everything into a common format, and routed information to the relevant components. The client was able to launch the satellite TV service on time and on budget.
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