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QuickBooks Import FAQ

Must I use a specific format in the Excel worksheets or CSV and text files?

Yes. The format is:

Client  Date  Item Description  Cost  Quantity


How does QuickBooks Import recognize different cilents for different invoices?

QuickBooks Import automatically creates a new invoice when it sees a different client name or a blank line.

We recommend you group data by client name, leaving a line inbetween clients.


How do I enter client names and items so that QuickBooks will recognize them?

QuickBooks Import© matches client names and items to the closest similar name or item in QuickBooks. Once mapped, the same client name or item will be recognized next time.

You can override an incorrect match by using the dropdown in the "Matching" screen.


What does QuickBooks Import cost?

Our special introductory price is only $35.99.


Which versions of QuickBooks does QuickBooks Import work with?


It's been extensively tested on QuickBooks Pro 2011 and should work with any recent version of QuickBooks.

If it doesn't work with a version you are using, let us know and we'll fix it or give you your money back.


What is this software product doing on an IT services website?

We got tired of paying $300 per month for a large, slow, clunky IT Business Management Program that wasn't meeting our needs. We wanted something small, nimble and fast, so Paul wrote this code for our own purposes. We know there are many other consultants and contractors like us, who want this level of simplicity and flexibility with a small price tag.

(Watch this space for our ticketing software...)


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