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IT Project Consulting

IT Project Consulting

We handle many different types of IT projects in Toronto and internationally.

Some Examples:

Network Design and Build

We have extensive experience designing and building networks of any size. We mainly set up small office LANs but we've also been involved with building continent-wide multi-protocol networks and carrier-grade networks.

We use whatever technology is optimal for the client's needs, and are not locked in to any brands or platforms. We can get computers to talk to each other using ethernet, wireless, microwave or satellite, and we regularly set up and integrate networks that contain a mix of Windows, Mac OS and UNIX/Linux.

Network Audits
Baseline audits are a routine part of setting up an office for managed services. We also carry out detailed, fully documented network and security audits as separate projects.

Custom Software Development
Our experience of custom software development spans over 20 years. Our software development expertise is mainly in UNIX and open-source. Primary in-house programming languages are Perl, C/C++ and Assembler.

Office moves
We help clients to plan and execute office moves, to ensure that IT downtime and disruption are minimal. Project scope ranges from end-to-end project management and continuity strategies, to powering the servers off and on and troubleshooting workstation glitches after the move.
We recently assisted a client with an office move during which they wanted minimal disruption of e-mail. We set up a secondary Exchange server in a co-location, as well as a backup Internet connection. As a result, their e-mail was down for only 4 hours two days before the move, and another 2 hours during the move; downages were scheduled and predictable. This allowed staff to continue working as usual on their BlackBerries virtually uninterrupted.

Data center projects
We have a number of data center clients in Toronto and have helped them to move servers between data centers, set up new data centers and troubleshoot following moves or new installations.

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