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Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed IT Services
Managed services means a defined set of services at a fixed monthly cost.

Our typical managed services client has minimal tolerance for downtime, requires consistently high performance, and employs people whose time is valuable and recognized as such.

As well as fully outsourced support, we also provide specialized support and consulting for larger organizations when skills are needed that are beyond the capacity of in-house staff.

We made the move to being a managed IT services provider because of the clear benefits the model has for businesses. These include more predictable costs, higher productivity and less downtime. Through scheduled visits. remote support and planned maintenance, we can serve clients better and faster. Through our "virtual CIO" service, we provide strategic advice and help with budgeting, as well as offering a "big picture" view of technology trends and innovations that can help clients maintain their competitiveness.

Advantages of outsourced IT support...

Service and Pricing Model
Our managed services model is flexible, typically including a mix of defined services at fixed monthly rates plus some ad hoc support. Unlike some providers, who have a "one-size-fits-all" technical and pricing model, our philosophy is that every business is unique, and has unique needs.

We use cutting-edge monitoring, management, remote support and business management tools to maximize efficiency and contain costs.

Service Offerings
Our managed services offerings include:
  • Pro-active network monitoring
  • Server management and maintenance (patch management, upgrades, configuration, fault diagnosis and remediation)
  • Firewall and network management
  • Scheduled site visits
  • User support
  • Cutting-edge remote support tools
  • "Virtual CIO" consulting services
  • Backup and disaster recovery planning
  • Vendor liason and/or management
  • Server hosting

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