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Mac Network Support

Mac Network Support

Quality Mac Network Support
Quality Mac OS X network and server support can sometimes be hard to come by in a primarily Windows world. In the same way that "a cat is not a small dog", a Mac is not a pretty PC - and it pays to have support technicians who know the difference!

Nash Networks has many years of experience both using and managing Macs. We have a thorough understanding of the current underlying UNIX architecture and are experienced with Mac Server. Our monitoring and management systems allow us to monitor and remotely support Macs with ease. We're also experienced with backup solutions for Macs with huge datasets, such as graphics or video.

Mac Networks, Mixed Networks
Unlike many managed services providers, we're equally comfortable with Mac OS, Windows, UNIX, Linux or any combination of these operating systems.

A number of our clients run primarily Mac networks with a few PCs; some run PC networks with the occasional Mac; some just need one PC application to run on a single Mac. We ensure that these computers and systems integrate seamlessly - either working as a unified mixed network, or running Windows on Macs using VMWare.

Snow Leopard, iPhone Integration and More
We stay fully up-to-date with Mac developments and can integrate iPhones into your Exchange network or advise about the features and bugs of Snow Leopard, Apple's new version of the OS. Just for starters.
Did you know? Snow Leopard integrates beautifully with Exchange 2007! Mac Exchange users can throw away the annoying Entourage and enjoy a far more satisfying communications experience.
For a look at the pros and cons (and costs) of the major operating systems, please view our recent article on the subject.

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