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About Us


Nash Networks is a small business based in Toronto. We provide pro-active IT and computer support and managed IT services to other small businesses in Toronto and the GTA. We combine the technology and philosophy of managed services with decades of practical hands-on experience of IT, bringing you a service that suits your needs.

Paul Nash, President

Paul has worked as an independent IT consultant for over 20 years. Paul has a Masters degree in Electronics Engineering. He was active in the development of the Internet in the late 1980s, and founded TICSA, southern Africa's first ISP (now Verizon Africa). Paul has been director of a firewall development start-up and has worked in satellite and wireless networking.


Paul's skills set includes extensive experience with Windows, Unix and Mac OS platforms, as well as telecommunications, wired and wireless networking, both local and global, software development and VoIP.

With his combined business and technology background, Paul is ideally placed to help organizations to use existing and emerging technologies to increase revenues and productivity. Paul combines hands-on expertise with a detailed theoretical understanding of the underlying technologies. His superb knowledge and acute analysis of current and future technologies make him an invaluable strategic consultant.


Paul is gifted at solving complex and abstract problems, a rare talent that is in high demand in today's fast-paced and ever-changing business and technology environments.

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