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Nash Networks provides pro-active IT and computer support and managed IT services to small businesses in Toronto and the GTA. We combine the technology and philosophy of managed services with decades of practical hands-on IT experience.


We support all major operating systems and routinely integrate and manage mixed networks - for example, Macs in the front office, PCs for accounting, Linux for security.

We offer more than twenty years of experience, a solid understanding of business and technology, and customized solutions and services. We are not tied to any product, vendor or operating system, allowing us to provide the right solution for each unique business.

Managed Services

We provide day-to-day support and consulting on a fixed monthly plan for organizations when the skills needed are beyond the capacity of in-house staff. The benefits of managed services include more predictable costs, higher productivity and less downtime.

Outsourced IT Support

Outsourcing makes sense for any business which wants to improve efficiency, or where the workload or job specification does not justify a full-time employee. For larger companies with in-house resources, it's often necessary to outsource specialized support. We offer your business that support.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen -  and they can destroy businesses. Owners can prevent or limit damage and disruption through a solid backup and disaster recovery strategy. Protecting irreplaceable data is the first step in safeguarding a business from IT disasters. Planning for and preventing disasters is the second.


Our Internet and network background includes more than 25 years of networking experience. We have experience designing and implementing secure local and large-scale, wide-area networks.

Many Systems Supported

We support:

• Windows (legacy and current)

• Mac (legacy and current)

• UNIX and Linux

Our own network is comprised of all three system types, so we are experienced and comfortable working with any combination of systems.

Project Consulting

We handle many different types of IT projects in Toronto and internationally, such as:

• Network design and implementation

• Network audits

• Office moves

• Data center projects

• Large-scale WiFi networks

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