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Project Showcase


These are examples of current innovative projects that increase efficiency and save money for our clients. 

Multi-Tenant WiFi Network


We are currently completing the installation of a WiFi network providing connectivity for a large housing co-operative. Each apartment has its own private network, but every registered device has connectivity to that network throughout the building. Monthly costs to residents are significantly lower than the cost of individual plans from large Internet service providers. Additionally, service is more reliable, with connections from multiple sources.

Centralized Accounting System


Our client is a internationally operating corporation with offices on four continents. They needed to centralize their accounting systems. We designed, implemented, and currently host a centralized platform for their global accounting system implementation. This has secure connections to each office, and enables their management team to get an overview of financial health across the company quickly and easily. The platform also provides security, stability, and consistent backup and disaster recovery.

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